Out at Tesco – Content Writer volunteering role

We’re looking for a Content Writer to join Out At Tesco Steering Group


My Role is…

To support the Out at Tesco website with content for newsletters, the website and social media channels to ensure that we have effective and continual communication with our membership.

I am active in the LGBT Community and know what’s happening across the country and share this knowledge with the Out at Tesco members.


I know I’ve done a great job if…

  • Our members feel informed about Out at Tesco events and activities that are planned.
  • We have a steady stream of content for our website and social media channels
  • I keep an eye on what’s happening within the wider LGBT community and keep our members updated on it.


What’s expected of me?

  • Strong spelling/grammar skills.
  • You can commit some time to the Out at Tesco network in your own time over and above your day job at Tesco.
  • You’re able to attend Out at Tesco and other LGBT events and write about them for our members.
  • You can dial in to occasional conference calls and attend occasional face-to-face meetings (no more than twice per year) with the network.

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