Meet the Steering Group

Our Out at Tesco Steering Group are available to support all colleagues with any issues they experience at work, you can make contact with them directly through the website.

Lisa Tait


Lisa Tait

Job Title: Supplier Governance Manager, IT Risk & Control

Business Area: Tesco Bank, Chief Information Office

Years at Tesco: 5 Years

Out at Tesco position: Chair

Why you’re involved in Out at Tesco: I fundamentally believe in the network and its core purpose. I want to ensure our LGBTI colleagues feel supported and are able to be themselves at work. As a member I was always keen to become more involved with the network. I was privileged enough to join the Steering Group in 2013 where I was able to take a lead role. I am extremely proud of our achievements to date.

Interests outside work: I enjoy keeping fit and get along to the gym as much as I can. I do also enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I am also a keen football fan, my team is Glasgow Celtic and attend the games where possible.

Barry Davies (photo)

Senior Mentor

Barry Davies

Job Title: Operations Manager for Food Supply Chain for UK & ROI

Years at Tesco: Been in Tesco for 27 years (started work when I was 5!!)

Out at Tesco position: Senior Mentor and Champion for Out at Tesco and sits on Tesco’s Diversity & Inclusion Group

Why you’re involved in Out at Tesco: I am involved in OAT as I wanted to give back to our community and support other LGBT members in any way that I can and felt by being involved in both these groups I would be able to do this.

Interests outside work: Interests outside work involve mainly travel to different places and events around the World (I have a “bucket list” of places to go and see and events to attend) plus also I am a bit of a film buff and enjoy watching films and collecting them – I have over 3000 DVDs in my collection now.

The usual socialising with friends, good food and wine are also up there in my spare time.

Something you may not know is I am also a “Wish Granter” for Starlight Children’s Charity which grants wishes for terminally ill children.


John Dickinson

Steerig Group Members

Job Title: Diversity and Inclusion Manager – Tesco Global

Business Area: Tesco Group

Years at Tesco: 7 Years

Out at Tesco position: Previously Chair

Why you’re involved in Out at Tesco: I absolutely believe in fairness and decency and that everyone should be able to get on in life regardless of background and Out at Tesco is a great support function for our colleagues, customer and the communities in which we serve as a business. I joined Out at Tesco in 2011 and was really keen to make a difference and help the network grow and develop. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far as a network and excited for what we’re able to do in the future.

Interests outside work: Outside of work I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. Absolutely love Grey’s Anatomy and travelling and have been known to enjoy the odd night out, often spotted in Soho or Glasgow.



Sarah Patterson


Job Title: Store Manager

Business Area: Stores

Years at Tesco: 17 yrs

Out at Tesco position: Mentoring Lead

Why you’re involved in Out at Tesco: Unfortunately we live in a world that often discriminates against the LGBTI community whether it be through prejudice, discrimination, or ignorance and I am more than comfortable to challenge, educate, enlighten and support to break this culture to really ensure that everyone is welcome at Tesco. Being openly gay I have encountered discrimination and challenges throughout the years both at work and in the community but am luckily enough to have been blessed with a strong character and loving family and have dealt with things in my stride. However I know that this is not always the case and hence my desire to raise awareness of the fantastic support network we have within our business.

Interests outside work: I love to spend my spare time with my family and friends. Home life means the world to me. I live with my girlfriend, teenage son and my 3 furry babies, yes I am a mad Cat lady! I love being an Auntie and spending time chilling with my young niece and nephew, escaping into the world of a 3 year is just magic.
In my younger years I participated in various sports, my main love being football and playing for my local team. Fitness played a huge part in my life which has sadly been lacking over the last few years and hence my latest mission is to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle which shall be a real challenge given my love for food and addiction to crisps!



Alex Whitlock

Digital Lead

Job Title: Lead Front End Developer

Business Area: Grocery Home Shopping

Years at Tesco: 4 Years

Out at Tesco position: Digital Lead. Enabling the steering group to connect to its members, and drive improvements Online.

Why you’re involved in Out at Tesco: I want to expand Out At Tesco’s digital capabilities though my love of all things digital. I came on board and re-developed the website so its much more fluid for our members to interact with. I feel really privileged to have joined the Steering Group, and really proud of all that we have achieved together.

Interests outside work: You’ll never find me far from a computer doing something geeky, but when you do, i’ll be spending it ether Mountain Biking or with my other half.


Robert Sharman


Job title: Lead Trade/Service Manager

Business area: Stores

Years at Tesco: 9

Out at Tesco position: Events Lead

Why you’re involved in out at Tesco: in a world where many still don’t have the opportunity to freely express themselves, I felt it was important, that as a young senior manager rising through the company, you could succeed no matter what your sexuality. The network does a great deal to encourage and support those who want to be open and true to who they are and to help support this from a personal point of view is extremely humbling!

Interests outside of work: In my teenage years I probably tried to tie too many strings to my bow with interests; however my passions still include being actively involved in theatre, both producing, directing and acting and I am a senior county football referee (another taboo area that is fighting hard to accept all types of people). Spending as much time with friends and loved ones though will always remain a priority!

Jack Lambourne


Job Title: Produce Manager

Business Area: Tesco Stores

Years at Tesco: 6

Out at Tesco position: Uk Events Manager.

Why you’re involved in Out at Tesco: I love the idea of a completely inclusive workplace free from any kind of discrimination where anyone can feel they can be themselves no matter their background. I joined because i felt that i could put my time in to help make a difference to the way the workplace looks at diversity. I am so proud of being part of Out at Tesco and everything that the network has achieved to this point.

Interests outside of work: I am a keen motorcyclist and will go for a spin at any opportunity. I spend alot of time socialising and seeing friends and have some skills when it comes to dance machines and gaming! I love to travel to new places and have day trips to London to shop and eat new things!