Network Sponsor

Out at Tesco is sponsored by Benny Higgins, CEO Tesco Bank and Tesco Group Strategy Director 

Benny Higgins was chief executive of retail banking at RBS between 1997 and 2005, where he led the integration of NatWest retail. After overseeing the RBS – Tesco joint venture, Benny became CEO of Tesco Personal Finance in 2007, which was recently renamed Tesco Bank.

Benny works with us by using his senior position to ‘open doors’ around Tesco group so that we can help our LGBT colleagues in the best possible ways. He represents us on the Tesco Diversity Council and works with the Human Resources leadership team to ensure that everyone is welcome at Tesco, and that everyone has the opportunity to get on in our company.

Listen to Benny’s speech at the Stonewall UK Conference 2015 below: